Video Speeder

Select video and click "Upload", then select speed and click "Change"
double the speed
quadruple the speed
slow down by 2 times
slow down by 4 times
smooth out slow/fast video

  • 1 You can either drop file from your local window explorer or browse your device to select your video file - just one file. Then click "Upload" button, which is beside the "Browse" button. Wait until the upload finishes.
  • 2 Once your file is uploaded sucessfully, select the speed you would like.
  • 3 Click the "Change" button to begin the conversion process.
  • 4 Upon successful completion of the conversion, you will receive a download link for the changed file.

When do you need to change the video?

Use this tool to manipulate video very easily, such as use this slow-mo technique on a highlights video to draw your own conclusions about a specific play.

Factors related to videos' quality

Encoding format: a video file itself, usually composed of audio and video. For example, the video file above is composed of AVC video encoding and aac audio encoding. The common video encoding formats include XviD, AVC / H.264, MPEG1, MPEG2, etc., and the common audio encoding includes MP3, AAC, etc.

Video bit rate: refers to the data flow used by video files in unit time, also known as code flow rate. The larger the bit rate is, the higher the sampling rate per unit time is, the higher the data flow accuracy is. The effect of this is that the video picture is clearer and the image quality is higher.

Video frame rate: Generally speaking, 25 frames of a video refers to this video frame rate, that is, 25 frames will be displayed in one second; what video frame rate affects is the sense of picture fluency, that is, the video frame rate is too high, and the effect is: the more smooth the picture appears. You can also understand that if only one frame is displayed in one second, then a video seems to have a very obvious card feeling, not fluent and not used to it. Of course, the higher the video frame rate, which means the more pictures, the corresponding, the size of the video file will increase, and the occupied storage space will also increase.

Video resolution: the resolution is often referred to as 600x400 resolution and 1920x1080 resolution. The resolution affects the size of the video image in direct proportion to the size of the video image: the higher the video resolution is, the larger the image is, and the larger the size of the corresponding video file itself will be.

First, separately speaking, the bit rate is also called the code rate. The file size of each second of video, in the same time, the larger the code rate, the larger the file size. The frame rate is FPS, the number of frames per second of the video. If the FPS is too low, it looks like it will get stuck. The length and width of a frame is the number of horizontal and vertical pixels of each frame, also called video resolution. The more pixels, the more delicate the picture will be. However, this is not absolute. Many fuzzy videos have high resolution, bit rate and fps. I'm sure you've seen the situation that sometimes the format factory does not adjust the parameters, the video becomes blurred and the volume of the video becomes larger. The bit rate can only approximate the size of the video file, which has nothing to do with the definition. FPS is related to fluency. The length and width of the frame only indicate the fineness of the pixel particles. Imagine that several pixels are the same color, and there is no obvious distribution around them. If you are more delicate, it looks like a paste, isn't it. There is a certain relationship between video definition and these parameters. In most cases, the larger the better, but it is not a mutual relationship, not a sufficient and necessary condition.

  •  Full compatibility with modern browsers
  •  High-speed conversions
  •  Wide range of online video portals supported
  •  No registration required
  •  Unlimited free conversions and downloads
  •  No software installation necessary

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